Hostel(Boys & Girls)

Separate hostel accommodation is available for Boys and Girls, particularly for outside students are available nearer to the college. Intending students shall enquiry in advance from Superintendent of Respective Hostels regarding availability of accommodation either in 1st year or Subsequent year and prepare accordingly. Hostel Wardens and Superintendents are authorized inside the hostel to take intense care of each one of the students. Certain rules & regulations are abided by the Institute for the Hostel inmates which are strictly maintained periodically for the better stay of the students.

A student may be permitted on application in prescribed form during beginning of each academic year to get Admission in the Respective Hostels with his/her Parents or Local Guardian’s Names. Each student in order to complete the admission in any of the hostel (i.e. Boys / Girls Hostel) has to select a local guardian who may be contacted in time of Emergency.

The Name, Full Address, Office and Residence, Telephone Number, Designation and Willingness of the Local Guardian have to be furnished at the time of Admission in the Prescribed Format.