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Welcome to IDEAL School of Engineering

“Future always calls to change the present.”
Today’s child becomes tomorrow’s leader. Today’s young mind becomes tomorrow’s technocrat. Thus, the future stands erect on the strong foundation of the present. The strong foundation needs hard work with proper technique and methods. The execution of technique & methods requires strong determination and planning.
“As you sow, so shall you reap”.
So, if you want to be the best, you must do the best. In 2008, IDEAL School of Engineering was established with best ideas of strong ethics, wide vision and various challenges to explore knowledge and technology in the minds of young bloods of the country.

Our vision is to produce, mould and give shape to the young masses of Odisha into energetic and efficient technocrats by providing high quality education and learning environment to reckon them superior in the global scenario.

Our mission is to blend the young aspired talent of Odisha with knowledge, skill and modern technology to generate extra-ordinary world class professionals.

Our challenges are to enhance self-confidence, willpower, strong determination, resoluteness and momentum among the students to compete and excel in their way towards success by strong discipline & motivation.

“Wishing a bright & prosperous future.”

Prof. Jnanaranjan Nayak(Principal)