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Welcome to IDEAL School of Engineering

Facilities:-Separate Boys/Girls Hostel :-
Secured, spacious and separate Hostel facilities are available for girls and boys. Trained personnel are present in the hostels to provide a sense of security in the hostels. In additions, trained and experienced wardens take care of inmates. Here you will find a truly vibrant mix of people from all over the country.
º Eco friendly environment. .
º Round the clock transport and medical care.
º Special care is taken to provide balanced diet.
º Sport and indoor recreation facility.
º Facilities to provide Yoga and Meditation.

Hostel Facility can be arranged for the distant trainees on payment of noiminal fees as decided by the management on request the adminstration can arrange mess on divided basis/ or the trainees may arrange foir their own messing in the rooms & Premises allotted to them.
Hostel Rules & Regulation as follows:
The Hostel facility is not mandatory and is available to students on written request. The student has to fill in the application form and also give an undertaking in writing that he will abide by the Hostel Rules.
Membership shall be terminated automatically at the end of each academic year. Students, who are desirous of returning to the Hostel, shall make a fresh application for readmission in the beginning of 2nd / 3rd year.
The Management reserves the right to refuse admission to the residence to any student without assigning any reason or to expel a member in the interest of administration.
A student who once reserves his seat and pays for residential accommodation will not be eligible for refund if he chooses not to stay in the residence for that academic year.
Each boarder is provided with a Cot & Table. Proper care of these items should be taken. In case of damage to these items the cost will be recovered from them.
Ragging in any form is not permitted and those who violate this rule will be expelled from the residence as well as the Institute.
Cleanliness has to be maintained in the hostel more specifically the bathrooms, toilets and common usage area.
Use of drugs and alcohol, Ghutka, Pan, Cigarette etc. are strictly prohibited.
Hostel facility can be arranged for the disance Trainees on payment of nominal decided by the management