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Welcome to IDEAL School of Engineering

One of the most Ideal Polytechnic in Odisha established by SBP Trust in a lush green pollution free environment at outskirt of Bhubaneswar city. Adjacent to Retang Railway Station. The Institution is set up to meet the challenges in field of technical education. It is approved by AICTE New Delhi & Government of Odisha.
I extend a warm & hearty welcome to those discovering the " IDEAL School of Engineering" through the World wide web.

These are the days of specialization and advanced knowledge is must to achieve higher and higher goes. With this objective we intend to design the course. A perfect syllabus will give us strength and will lead to achieve Mechenical Engineering,Civil Engineering,Electrical Engineering,Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering.The obsolence of knowledge on the one hand and evolution of new opportunities on the other, demanding different skill sets and knowledge base make it necessary to educate ourselves on an ongoing basis. 

To make our institute as the best organization in Odisha, we have to strive hard and rest of the part by the grace of god. We know that the creativity leads to thinking. We will do work as an engine capable of drive the institute towards growth and prosperity. Todays tremendously competition world demands an education that highly focuses on transforming students into specialized. The continously changing needs of industries also dedicate that course curriculums should have the necessary flexibility to just keep pace but stay one step ahead.